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Kharian (Urdu: کھاریاں ) is a city of Gujrat District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Kharian name came from Gujjar sub cast Khari who are in majority in Kharian city. The chief city of Kharian Tehsil, it lies almost midway between Lahore and Islamabad on the Grand Trunk Road (colloquially known as the GT road). This is the road which connects the city all the way to Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan and was used during British Rule to transport goods across the South Asia. The main railway line also passes through Kharian thus providing good transportation to the northern and southern parts of Pakistan.

The closest major cities to Kharian are Jhelum (about 10 miles) and Gujrat (around 20 miles). Kharian is known for:

   Having the world's second largest army base (cantonment), built during the colonial era.

   Overseas Pakistani citizens who have roots in greater Kharian, and have invested in the area.

Kharian is also home to a large medical facility/hospital (CMH Kharian Cantonment) run by the Army. This hospital provides specialised indoor and outdoor medical care and houses a special burn centre for treatment of patients with severe burn related injuries.

Since Kharian is located in the land fringed by the Jhelum and Chenab rivers, there is no shortage of irrigation water and the land is very fertile. Almost all Pakistanis in Norway/Denmark are originally from district Kharian (Gujrat)


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